About Product

LIL Flyer Ride-On Suitcase By Younglingz: Family Travel Made Easy

My name is Yen Brown, entrepreneur and mother of a rambunctious 4-year-old boy. I’d recently launched our first product in our Younglingz brand, called the LIL FLYER. The coolest, most feature rich, kids ride-on suitcase ever produced.

Traveling with children has never been more fun and comfortable with LIL Flyer. Our suitcases are maximizing safety and revolutionizing convenience with unique features. Combining creativity with an innovative design, now your kids can zoom about all they want without you fearing for their safety. Our suitcases come with retractable handles that make keeping tabs on your child and luggage an easy walk in the park. With our padded seat cushion, we are incentivizing your children into staying put for an extended period.

Our stellar additions, such as foldable handlebars and foot pegs look so attractive and enjoyable that even the kid in you will want to ride! Perfect for family vacations, school field trips, and weekend getaways. The LIL Flyer suitcase line is certainly going to become a family favorite, featured in holiday photos and countless precious memories. Could we have possibly made family vacation, even better? You’re welcome.

LIL FLYER is designed to replace your stroller while traveling.  The vast majority of airlines grant exemptions to strollers.  This allows parents to use the LIL FLYER past security and through the airport.  Like all strollers, you'll be given a tag at the gate, before you board the aircraft. Once you land, you'll collect your LIL FLYER on the jet bridge.  Baggage policies vary from airline to airline. Be sure to check with your airline before flying. This product is recommended for children, 2 years and up. Maximum child weight is 50lbs (23kg). Max load weight (child and luggage) is 80lbs (36kg).